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 OutBack Kayaks is your coastal area source for Kayaks, accessories and more. We are exclusive dealers for NuCanoe Frontier, NuCanoe Pursuit, Solo Skiff,  Malibu Kayaks and Evoke Kayaks. We invite you to visit the store and see why we were chosen the favorite small business in the Galveston area. We believe that we have a chance to earn your business and know that we must take care of our customers.

 Amazingly a simple "Hello" goes a long way and we are committed to the provide exemplary service and products.  We also carry Ram Mount, Yak Attack, Railblaza, Malone and other accessory lines to rig your boat, kayak and ATV's.

 We have listed some detailed info about our products below and there is more on the specific links for NuCanoe, Solo Skiff, Malibu Kayaks and Evoke Kayaks.

NuCanoe frontier & NuCanoe pursuit

The NuCanoe Frontier is the ultimate hybrid kayak, designed from the hull up for serious anglers and hunters.  Whether you are fly fishing in salt water, bass fishing in a river, or hunting in the marshes, the Frontier fishing kayak will maximize your experience.

In the Frontier, you can do things a better way…your way!  Go solo in style or tandem with room to spare.  Position seats, rod holders, and accessories anywhere along the 70″ Freedom Track.   Face the action with 360 degree mobility.  And don’t just stand, walk & fish with confidence on the 20″ wide Cast & Blast Deck.  Ridiculously stable, surprisingly agile, and completely comfortable, the self-bailing Frontier knows no limits.

Combining speed, stability, and space, the NuCanoe Pursuit provides a fishing experience without compromise. The Pursuit’s platform-style design is packed with integrated features that are there when you need them and out of your way when you don’t. The Pursuit Seating System sets a new standard for fishing kayaks – its simplicity and comfort are unmatched. The Pursuit is not only an entirely new NuCanoe. It’s an entirely new fishing kayak.

Malibu kayaks

Fun, Affordable, & Innovative for Your Lifestyle

A kayak for the seafarer in you.

You’re an avid fisherman, getting your first cast in before the sun starts its day. Or maybe you’re an adventurer/explorer extraordinaire, mapping out every corner of every body of water the globe has to offer. Perhaps you’re a fitness nut looking for new exciting ways to improve your physique. Whatever the reason, you’re a seafarer, and the kayak is the ideal vessel for you. And your kayak was made by Malibu Kayaks.

Since 1999, Malibu Kayaks has designed high-quality, affordable kayaks for hardcore enthusiasts and curious parties alike – anyone who wants to do more than just dip their toe in the water. Recreational paddlers love our kayaks. Anglers swear by our angler kayaks. And fitness experts enjoy riding the waves on a Malibu Kayaks surf ski. For over a decade we’ve created kayaks based on what’s important to the kayaker. It’s been that way since our humble beginnings.

solo skiff

Why Solo Skiff ?

What do you get when you combine a fishing kayak,SUP, and a power boat in one…you get the Solo Skiff, a motorized kayak on steroids.. with more ways to rig that you can imagine, more dry storage than any kayak, and even a built in cooler (that can also be used as a livewell/dry storage) …yes – that’s Solo Skiff, read on…

Solo Skiff gives you the power to do what you want, where you want, when you want. Power your way out and back, in a design that is the safest one man boat made.
A fishing boat that goes anywhere – yeup… From its ability to float in mere inches of water to its ability to punch through a wave, it is simply the most versatile fishing boat on the planet. Take it bass fishing or fishing off the beach – in a Solo Skiff, the world is truly your fishing hole.

Like a kayak, a Solo skiff moves through the water effortlessly- it can be paddled sitting,or standing – however,there is a big difference – With a Solo Skiff you power your way out and power your way home! Increased trip range, no fatigue, and no issues with wind and current getting home. You also spend less time getting there, and more time fishing ,Solo Skiff gives you the power to do more with less time, so its versatility.

When it comes to fishing, Solo Skiff is a machine. This is what Solo Skiff is about- fishing. Whether your trolling for musky, salmon, or walleye, fly fishing, bass fishing, or flats fishing, Solo Skiff is a pure fishing machine. With it’s power options you can troll all day, with its built in storage you have all the gear you can carry, built in cooler for water or fish, and its all easy to access, it does not get any better. When it comes to standing and fishing-it was designed for it. There are no foot wells, pedals, odd shapes, or any other hardware impeding movement in the cockpit area. Stand up, sit, kneel down, turn around, tilt the motor, get into storage…whatever your doing- there is nothing in the way. Solo Skiff is designed so everything is central, and easy to manage. Want hands off fishing ? Solo Skiff with a trolling motor is a hands off dream. Stand, or sit, and pound the banks all day, the design of the Solo keeps the trolling motor tiller right there, easy to use, its amazing. Read our article on it.

What about rigging you say? Solo Skiff comes with the grab rail in the rear for handling and safety. The Solo has 2 built in rod tubes, that are sealed to keep water from getting in the hull that allow you to store 9′ fly rods in your boat, protected. You can load up a Solo with as many optional accessories as you want- keep it simple or load it up. From rod holders to leaning bars, just ask your Solo Skiff pro to help you decide how to rig your skiff. There are so many ways to rig it – that’s why we don’t overload it with you can do it your way. The Solo has the storage hatch you sit on that opens up to allow you to store a TON of stuff BUT it also allows you to easily reach in, and install hardware like no other craft. You can through bolt hardware and actually look inside the boat easily and see what your doing. This allows an amazing ease of rigging and adding hardware you just cant easily do on a yak. The Solo Skiff has an optional deck port that can be installed on the front deck – this allows even more storage and customization like plumbing of the cooler for a live well or anchor / cast net storage…its just crazy what all you can do with the Solo.

Now consider safety. The Solo Skiff was designed with safety in mind from the start.
The Solo Skiffs deck can’t trap water. What does this mean ? This gives you peace of mind. No worries about swamping or sinking the boat, you cant. Water from a wave runs right out in seconds as there is nothing keeping water in the deck. This means no swamping and loss of stability. Can the Solo sink- no way, Solo Skiff meets full level flotation requirements as set for larger boats by the Coast Guard. We at Solo Skiff firmly believe in safety and we have done everything to make the Solo the safest one man craft made- period. See the pictures of it’s testing – try that in your kayak.

Now as far as getting the boat to the water Solo Skiff has plenty of options. Watch our launch and load videos. The Solo is easily loaded and launched right out of your truck ! Some guys like trailers – no problem its easy to put it on a small trailer – whatever your preference its easy. For back road, no ramp trips and beach trips, put it on a dolly and roll it, its no different than rolling a yak. Once again, Solo gives you options like no other…

Get yours now and discover the world of Solo Skiff – Empower your fishing.

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